Saturday, June 30, 2012

Good Morning Fruit Salad

Some mornings just need something to brighten them up, and a breakfast fruit salad can do that, I not entirely sure what qualifies as breakfast fruit, but I think it may be a color thing. 
I started out thinking I would just do orange and kiwi, and line them all up and make it pretty, and then it looked so blah and boring, and sort of rusty old B&B style, 
so I added apricot and a little, this is my big fruit salad secret, frozen concentrated orange juice, probably should have used some of the orange peel, but the frozen stuff is just easier. 
For regular fruit salad I have done lime juice, lime zest and honey, which if you have never had, try it, it's even better with a little vanilla ice cream to serve, but that's true for almost any dessert. 

Remove peel and pith from an orange, by first slicing off the bottom, then setting on the bottom and then cutting strips off the orange, 
also peel the kiwi. (Or don't if you like kiwi peel, which sounds strange, but it's not as uncommon as would think.) 

Slice orange in half and slice everything up. place a little frozen orange concentrate on the bottom of the serving bowl and all the fruit on top. mix just before eating.

Breakfast fruit salad
1/2 orange
1 kiwi
1 apricot 
1 heaping tablespoon frozen orange juice concentrate

I don't think I have ever made actually juice with orange juice concentrate, I use just for this and to make orange chicken, it's like sauce in the freezer or me. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Simple Things in Life: Mascarpone

So I'm still keeping it all simple, and if you're going to keep it simple, this, this is the way to go.

All this is is mascarpone spread on toast and topped with just a little sugar. But it tastes like heaven, like food you get in some fancy hotel in Europe in the morning, that's so simple, it makes you feel stupid nothing having eaten it your entire life.
So good.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zombie style dinner: Eggs on Rice

This is one of those, we really have no food at home, but let's make something anyway, all you need is leftover rice, which between take out and stews, we almost always have on hand.

Fry a couple of eggs in a little butter and season,

and just place on rice, and serve. Ok I may just mess it all up before eating, but that photo is so not pretty, I am really close to just deleting the evidence all together.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What it's Wednesday already?

I've been so sick the last couple of days, from my knowledge of food poisoning I know I got it from something I ate either Saturday night or Sunday morning, not sure what it was, if I did, it would be on the no fly list by now. My brain has not been on food, didn't have anything to blog about except burnt toast and tea, I can tell you that TJ's Radiant Water tastes like heavily watered down tropical flavored lemonade, but not much else.

I am planning on making zucchini bread, maybe as soon as tonight, so that will be new, I feel like I have  negligent LA Care, where my sister works, and should send them some sugar love, before she leaves. She's doing her masters in New York, how exciting is that? 

I just found out one of my friends just had her baby last night, and am jumping over the moon, she was (they now think) misdiagnosed years ago with a terrible disease, and it felt like her life was sort of stunted, and she was so full of life, it really was a shame. A few years ago she decided that she wanted to be a mother and she returned to her old lively ways. I hope this baby provides the same joy as her daughter does.

Oh, also a friend of mine has promised to make Mosaic Cake, something I've tried and failed to pull off, I will blog about it when she does, because it is totally worth making. I'm deciding to blame the recipe, but the truth is, I'm terrible with puddings and custards, and this is basically firm chocolate custard with broken cookies in it.

Webinars, only one thing to say on this when the people who are supposed to running it, don't show up, not a good sign. Ok so the home office in Asia set it up, and the NorCal office was supposed to run it, but they didn't even pick up the phone the first 4 times I called, I know they had a makeup session on Monday, but still. 

This was an interesting article on what Olympians eat. Lots of crazy in different shades.

OK probably something I shouldn't admit, but I want to see Brave, kidless and everything, I always go to the Pixar cartoons, in fact I usually go to the 9:30 or so showing, sometimes even in 3D, just to avoid all the kids being there with us at the same time, is it crazy, probably, but then again the theater will be full, trust me and the average age in the room I would guess around 34, still younger than them, woohoo. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Grilled quesadilla zombie syle

OK so you're probably expecting some long story of how I pulled out the grill, got a fire going (well more like refilled the propane tank) and grilled some quesadilla, only I didn't. Years ago, i figured out that pan made quesadilla were a silly amount of work and time, and started putting them in the toaster oven.
A few years later, and I realized all you have to do is take it a bit further and just toast for a long time, and used smoked cheeses, it will have all the taste of the grill, without having to actually start up the grill.
This is truly zombie style.
1/3 cup  shredded smoked cheese
 1 tortilla
Nothing like a nice quesadilla on a summer day outside, especially without the work.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Trying to Earn Brownie Points

OK so I haven't been the greatest at blogging anything lately, to be honest I haven't been great at cooking things either, still wrapping up writing something else that's been taking up more than a fair share of my time, so I figured I could earn a few brownie points with well brownie.
I like more cake than fudge brownie recipes (I know sin right?) but I think of my brownies as really great cake, instead of not nearly fudgy enough brownie) My recipe is old, Joy of Cooking old, and it calls for unsweetened chocolate, which is apparently an ingredient of grandmothers', cause the only brand left at the store is now Baker's, an the far top corner of the shelf in the baking aisle, where the weird ingredients live, that you should probably buy online, cause you have a slightly better chance of it not being expired. But at the same time, this is so beautiful to make, there's something about mixing streams of chocolate, that's so Willy Wonka factory beautiful.

1 stick butter
4 oz. unsweetened chocolate
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour

First melt chocolate and butter together, I did it on the stove top, microwave may have been a smarter option. You need patience to do this, not only do you have to take it slow when heating, but you have to wait for it to cool before you use it. Normally I just melt in the morning and bake in the afternoon.

Whip eggs and sugar until light in color, really whipping this gets brownie crust, which may be the best part of a brownie.

Add the chocolate to the eggs, slowly folding it in, not sure how important it is to fold, but it is pretty taking it slow. First it looks like.

Then it looks like

Finally more like

Add flour, and done, this is why I make brownies from scratch, I may come on that's not too hard.

I make it in a pie pan, cause it looks nicer, and didn't want to bake it in a black pan or pirex, so this seemed like a good option, Til we tried cutting it out, there's not photos of it out of the pan for a reason.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Zombie Peach Melbas

Summer is here, ok, maybe it's not noticeable through all the June Gloom, but it is here. Starting off the season by boiling or since I love my oven so much, more likely roasting peaches is just not something I'm going to be in the mood for, especially on a weeknight, so instead, woohoo canned peaches.
The only thing is, I actually keep raspberry sauce in my fridge, crazy right? But you make it just once for a cake and it lasts much much longer than intended, like months and why not? It tastes great, and is really pretty. The one I have right now, even has the seeds in it, so it's even simpler than the last version I posted.
Start with a bag of frozen raspberries add around 1/3 of sugar, I'll admit it, I eyeball, and cook until the sugar dissolves, which really isn't that long. Then sieve or you know don't the seeds don't bug me. If it's for something really formal I will but everyday sauce, forget it, this works.
Then open a single serving size container of peaches in light syrup (or juice if you prefer), warm them a little in either the microwave or on the stove top, (cause warm just tastes better) place in an ice cream bowl, top with vanilla ice cream, then raspberry syrup and done. Truly a zombie recipe.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What it's Wednesday already?

Some weeks just fly by, Predator Cycling just past 2000 fans yesterday morning, I am so excited, I remember the night we got to 1000, it was late at night, and we had been watching the numbers for a few hours, knowing it was about to hit the mark. With 2000 I never actually saw the number, I knew the night before it would happen on Tuesday, and by the time I checked it was 2002, there is nothing like the rush of setting a goal, and reaching it early.

I was typing last night for around 2 hours on the tablet last night, and google docs and my keyboard don't like each other, so I was using the gmail app, I noticed it wasn't syncing properly, so I thought I'd send it to myself to be on the safe side. It disappeared, completely gone, had to write it all over again, now I'm sleepy.

The longest day of the year is today, I can't believe the days are going to start getting shorter already, I'm not ready for that, I've been enjoying driving home while it's still light out, and being able to photograph food after work, I hardly ever have to plan out a quick photo shoot in mornings right now, and I love that, there's so much less risk of it all getting eaten.

Speaking of the longest day of the year, we're having a picnic to celebrate it tomorrow, first one of the season, we're very late getting started this year, hopefully there will be more picnics to come. We used to have them every week in the summers, after work, the parks' picnic tables are not popular late in the day.

Driving through Santa Barbara on Sunday, I really begun to question why we live in LA, I mean Santa Monica is nice, but it's no Santa Barbara, ok, so I would prefer somewhere that wasn't a college town, but still there's so much more to this state than LA I don't know why I'm so tied to it.

A friend of mine just got her first KitchenAid, a very special day in any baker's life, I've only had mine for a year and a half now, I hadn't used one since my grandmother's kitchen, just picking the color is so special and personal, and when it arrives, there's nothing quite like it, it's like meeting a friend you're going to have for life. Sigh, if you don't get it you never will, and if you do get, you should be totally on board. There's is one, just one really great component everyone should have, and that is the scrapper paddle, basically a requirement for all bakers. You can kind of make it out in the photo above, a reject from the second raspberry post.

I had so been looking forward to eggs in Nor Cal, and was so disappointed, farm fresh eggs are much more commonly served in restaurants up north, in fact the further north you go, the better it gets. I guess I just wasn't north enough.

Trip update, we all officially have tickets now, well not all, but everyone who can come does. So exciting, some of the girls I haven't seen in 11 years, that is so long. I have to start talking to more people in Cyprus, I wish I could stay in Nicosia, but free accommodation in Larnaca, far too tempting. Just found out my sister isn't going to go at all this summer, which is shocking, one of her friends is getting married, and she has been looking forward to this for such a long time, but she's going to have to move to New York this fall, and that means stricter budgeting for all of us.

This is officially the longest I have ever gone without talking to my ex, 6 weeks was the last record,  and that was a few really lousy weeks a few years ago I'm never going to be ready to talk about. 6 weeks and 1 day is what we're at right now. We're talking the longest run, since I met him, 12 years ago, it's very strange, I'm betting he doesn't read my blog, he was never very good at reading what I wrote. I think he hasn't noticed yet. Which I'm a little bit pissed about, but I haven't had any real close calls yet, urges, but no clicks. Aren't you proud?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coastal Weekend

We spent the weekend driving up to UC Santa Cruz for commencement, it was a beautiful weekend for it, the drive down we decided to only take the 101, turns out from Monterey, it's 2 minutes faster according to the GPS, in fact with traffic conditions, we even ended up on the 1, wish we could have taken that the whole way down, but neither one of us wanted to drive down the coast that long, I've been on that road, and very happily volunteered not to drive it.
The skies were blue 09% of the time, and there were so many breath taking views, had me questioning why I always fly to Europe, when California looks like this.
Graduation was a strange combo of formality and artists, they actually didn't mix all that well, some of the students definitely stole the show, some of them opting to wear costumes, and there were definitely a few rather creative walks across the stage, my Berkeley going sister was a little shocked by how much more "hippie" (her word) Santa Cruz was. 
You would think that an entire weekend of travel up and down the California coast would have gotten me more than one lone food photo, but turns out spending so much time on the road is not conducive to fancy food, instead we had burgers driving up, and pizza driving down, and there's nothing more boring to me than foods of burgers and cheese pizzas, so yeah, I skipped taking them.
Instead the only food photo I got was this one, and before you think, oh scallops are nice, I sort of sent it back. Yes my one and only photo and I didn't even eat it, the scallops were fishy, I'm not sure but I think they had been frozen, they were cooked almost perfectly, which is not something easy to do, but the nice piece of (slightly overcooked) snapper was totally worth the swap, and that would have been fine, except the spinach, the spinach had, and I'm not kidding like three cups of wine in it, which I guess would be fine if you really like wine and not so much spinach, but I happen to like well spinach. The mashed potatoes if you were wondering were perfect, I'm not sure who cooked that, but it was brilliant.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Spent 13 hours this weekend on the road with my sister this weekend driving to and back from my cousins graduation, it was nuts, definitely haven't had time to cook anything, or in fact blog anything, so this is going to be short, and probably unfulfilling, I'm sorry I'll make for it,
Until then, I'm doing a quick post on what apparently translates to online as sweet preserve. It's Greek,thick hard and elastic, it comes in one of two flavor mint or vanilla, this one is vanilla,.
This was introduced to me by one of my best friends in high school, I don't think anyone else ate it, but I loved it.
To serve it you need a very cold glass of water and a spoonful of the preserve. You place the preserve in the water and refrigerate again, (it's softer straight out ot the jar.)
Once cold you slowly eat it off the spoon and drink some of the water, that becomes a little flavored as well.
This is great for really warm nights, watching an movie with the lights dimmed,

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ridiculous standards when it comes to Moussaka

Some people will not believe how I'm starting this post, but Moussaka is like a casserole with vegetables (in this case eggplant and zucchini) ground meat, and a white sauce (but not the "white sauce" at least not according to me). It's Greek, and when made right, like home in your mouth, so comforting, and so full of all right flavors.

Some of you are in a shock right now, did I actually explain what moussaka is, but after I made it, I ran into more people that hadn't heard of it, than had, so I felt I had to.

This recipe is pieced together from three others, the veg comes from a gratin recipe, the meat from a moussaka recipe, and the sauce from my great aunt's baked pasta recipe. Why is this recipe Frankenstein's monster? Over the years, this stood out as the best way of making it, and I don't argue with flavor.

I highly recommend making the meat a day before, only because this sucker is going to really take a lot of time to put together and the meat is the least picky components, in fact I've even done the cottage pie thing on occasion and used leftover meat. (I know I said cottage and not Shepard, it's because I use beef and not lamb, yes I am crazy enough to care about the difference.)

Cook one large onion in olive oil, until golden,

add 1 clove chopped garlic, cook for 30 seconds, then add 1 really heaping tablespoon pepper paste, and 1 ib meat. Season with salt and pepper, some parsley if you have any, (I usually use some dried, never really have fresh on hand.) Cook through.

To make white sauce, combine 1 cup milk, 1 cup flour, 1 cup water, 3 eggs, and a little salt and pepper in a pan, cook on medium heat, til it thickens, really really thickens, if you keep stirring, you won't get any lumps, but trust me, you're going to get lumps, but that's ok, they will cook out. When thick add 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 container cottage cheese, and 8 oz. whipped cream cheese. Traditionally there's a cheese layer, made with a soft Greek cheese, I have never liked, so this is my replacement, good replacement. You may have too much sauce, I usually do, in which case I boil some pasta, add a stringy cheese and bake together, See my baked spicy mac and cheese recipe for more.

For the veg. Slice 1 large eggplant and 1 large zucchini into discs, place on a baking pan, and drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper.

Bake at 425 for around 20 minutes, til browned and soft.

Layer moussaka, with veg at the bottom,

meat in the middle

and sauce on top. Sprinkle with a little parm and bake at 350 for around 40 minutes, til browned on top.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What it's Wednesday already?

I am completely allergic to cherries, in their raw form (cooked is fine) the thing is I forget, I know, who forgets what they're allergic to? Every few years I have one, within seconds I regret it. The memory of which lasts usually a couple years and then I forget again. So last week, while telling the farm box people what I want, I completely forgot and ordered some. Now they're sitting there, all pretty and tempting, and with pits so cooking them will mean slicing easch little guy open.

I am officially on my last box of 2+1 coffee. I love this stuff, it's the perfect mix of sugar and milk with coffee, all I have to do is boil water, which means not working the coffee machine AND not depending on milk be in the fridge. normally I buy the Japanese version, but the last time I attempted to buy a supply online all that was available was another, not as nice looking package, they're both Nescafe, so I figured how different could they be, they were both Asian products. Come to find out, very different, this is a chinese product, the coffee is stronger and the sugar less, I've been watering down the coffee for months now, and just when I thought it would never end. Last box, (unless there's one hiding at the kitchenette at Predator)

Last week we set out to get Predator Cycling (where I work a couple days a week) to get over 2000 fans on facebook, If you like road bikes, it really is an amazing, local made product, I wouldn't work there if it wasn't. ;) We were at 1865, I thought it would be months, months, but we're already at 1956.

I've been trying to get some fiction writing in, I have ideas, am working out a structure, I know the beginning and the ending, the middle is killing me, I just need one great idea that flips one set of characters entire universe, and I'm stuck. I try to get my brain focusing on it while I sleep, and I even woke up this morning with an idea, but by the time I walking to the car, dismissed it as terrible, and trite. Now I remember why I don't do this anymore.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do with mashed eggplant? I was hoping the French do something lovely with it, but so far the search has no results.

 I cannot believe that The Avengers is for sale already, I swear I just saw that? Isn't a little too soon? Though could be a Father's Day thing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From the old book of zombie: Raspberry Cake

I know, I know, what is it with me and Raspberries, especially during strawberry and cherry season, it's a sin, I know. But but
There are some recipes in this world that just define who you are, how you cook, some of them are so much a part of you, that they're yours, no matter the source. This recipe has changed over time, and over time I've only liked more. The berries tend to be sour, and the so the cake is more of a coffee cake or breakfast cake.
If your wondering, this cake is the granddaddy of pretty easy cake, and yet still somehow so very simple as well.

Mix butter and sugar

Add eggs, and then flour and baking powder.

Place in a small buttered pan.

Top with raspberries, juice and all.

Bake for 50 minutes at 350 and done. How easy is that? The very friendly raspberries sink a bit and are all over the place.

1 stick (1/2 c) butter, room temp
1 cup sugar
3 eggs, room temp
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 bag frozen raspberries (frozen or defrosted, I've done both, they both work)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tortellini Soup with the Tonys

Soup really zombies? Really? It's June, and there is no gloom for once, (well actually this morning...) But here's my pathetic excuse, I wanted to watch the Tony's. That's right, I watched them, and I haven't seen a single show nominated (unless there was a movie for it, then maybe) SO here's my excuse for that I have two, I thought about this for quite a while last night while watching. The two reasons I like that show, first off the setting is their medium, so they can all perform on stage, live audience, and so the entertainment doesn't rely primarily on the host's jokes. Second, the Tonys are awarded by a clap-o-meter, I think more so than any other show, which means I can almost always predict the winner a couple of seconds before they announce, and I love correct predictions.

So soup, I really felt like tortellini soup and as summer approaches the chances of eating some decrease. I knew it was now or never,
What's great about it, is it really takes around 7 minutes to put together, first set the water to boil (in the kettle is faster)
I like dried tortellini, a little undercooked, the cheese has a sort of strange crunch when you undercook it, sort of like a cheesy chip in the middle of pasta, so amazing, I'm surprised the refrigerated stuff sells. I like Barilla, there's no other way of saying that, the brand is superior, I know supermarket brand I am endorsing here, but it's just true. Plus, the last time I was in Italy (9 years ago now) the supermarket shelves were filled with blue boxes, and I find that somehow comforting.

Anyhow, boiled water, around 3 cups, to a small pan, (I turn the stove top on to get it nice and hot before I do this)  add a nice big tablespoon of bouillon, (will not tell you the brand this time, I did enough endorsing for one day) top it off with a little olive oil, a splash of vinegar and a pinch of chili flakes, Let boil for 5 minutes, and done, see round 7 minutes. I often top with a little extra cheese.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Quick Frozen Strawberry Lemonade on the Patio Kind of Sunday

Just felt one of those days, a day for reading, and not much time spent in the kitchen, for something quick and cold I didn't have to venture out of the house to get, and since I own the blender, might as well use it once in a while.

Start off with 10 frozen strawberries place them in the blender, the frozen strawberry, so much easier than keeping ice on hand. Ok, not that much easier, saves me the trouble of filling ice trays and getting them into the freezer without spilling.

Add 2 tbsp sugar (which is a lot, I was surprised how much they needed) juice of one or two lemons, around 1/4 cup and water or in my case fuzzy water, was in the fridge, seemed like a good idea, did add a little bit of salt, which was strangely a little virgin strawberry margarita, (a drink I am far too grown up for, now I strictly drink virgin lime margaritas)

Give it a whirl, you can add more water it it stalls, but I usually just shake the blender a bit like they do at the juice parlors, (never show me a trick in the kitchen, I will try it at home, even if it requires new toys, yes I am referring to a mini flame torch.)

Take them drinks outside and enjoy, this made two servings.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dive into chocolate, the ultimate chocolate flourless cake with raspberry sauce and vanilla bean whipped cream

My sister is a serious chocoholic, the follow cake has been baked for her the last few years, it is not for the faint of heart, it's the kind of cake that gets you going to a meeting the next day. All the work of this cake is the quality of ingredients, it really is, buying great Belgium chocolate, European style butter, vanilla beans, (you're going to think I've lost it again) frozen raspberries that's where it's heart really lies.

To start, buy lots of chocolate, 10 ounces of around 60% cocoa (semi-sweet), and 2 ounces of 72% cocoa (bitter sweet). I actually just bought a 3 oz. chocolate bar for the 72% at the checkout, I was with my mother, and she asked was that it, all the chocolate I needed? I then directed her attention to the bottom of the basket where I had one of those over a pound bars.

Make sure everything is room temp before you start, and get the kettle boiling.

This is a food processor cake, (I love them, so easy, so quick) this is pretty much the only thing I ever make in my granddaddy food processor, (well this and clementine cake) it's so old, but this cake doesn't fit in the mini, the large processor has some exterior damage, so all the photos will close ups to hide the  shame of the broken handle, and the fact that my hand is kind of holding the whole thing together, whenever the motor is on.

Grid the chocolate, instant espresso, and sugar in the processor til finely ground, around 30 sec. Making the world's most amazing cocoa powder, fight the urge to set some aside for rainy days.

Pour some of the boiled water into the measuring cup to heat it, then throw out the water, and fill 3/4 of a cup. If the measuring cup is glass the outside needs to be dry. (Physics lesson for the day, glass breaks when their is two temperature of liquid on either side of glass. I can go into this further if you are really interested, but it does have to do with glass really being a liquid)

Run the machine again, and pour in the hot water, everything will melt in around 10 seconds, and you'll end up with great chocolate sauce, stop the machine and fight the urge to scoop some out.

Add the butter and start the machine, another 15 sec.

Slice open a vanilla bean, think Y-incision, don't cut through and scrap out the insides with a knife.

Now I know, there's more bean in the cream and two vanilla beans in one recipe sounds like well around $24, but that's grocery store one bean in a jar brain. Think internet brain, vanilla beans online (click here for vanilla beans and other gourmet foodstuffs) there it's much more affordable, you get so many more beans, and pay far less for each, plus they are often of better quality, and fresher. Hold on to the bean, you can make the vanilla sugar thing (that I have never actually done) I just stick it in the raspberry sauce.

Add the eggs, and vanilla seeds, and mix again around 15 seconds. Done,

Oil and paper, if you have paper, a 12 in pan, fill with batter and bake at 350 for 55 to 60 minutes.

It wont be quite done, not too chocolate sauce, but not quite cake.
It's so pretty right all puffy and light, souffle like, don't get used to it, it wont last. It will fall, and you may not like it's looks for a day, but soon enough you'll see the beauty in it.

Let cool completely, overnight is best.

Raspberry sauce

Place a defrosted (or not) bag of raspberries in a small saucepan. on medium heat I prefer frozen raspberries to fresh, in California all raspberries are picked far too unripened, which is great for snacking, but not that great for baking. Add sugar and the empty vanilla pod. You can take it off  the stove when the sugar is dissolved, but I was doing dishes and it started to boil a little, and got that jam foam look on it, but it was just fine, perhaps a little thicker.

Strain the sauce, or don't I've done both versions, I like both, really is up to you.

Place in a jar and refrigerate. I serve this cold.

Vanilla Bean Whipped cream

I love that name, years ago I figured out that whipped cream with a little vanilla gets eaten, and the plain stuff discarded. Evil plan, always add vanilla.

Place whipping cream in mixer, add powdered sugar, start to get everything blended.

Slice open and scrape seeds out of vanilla bean,

add to cream and start mixing. Stop when starting to foam and taste, you may want to add a little sugar.

I like cream on the firm side, which can be dangerous, so I tend to stand there and watch it turn. When the cream starts to pull away from the edge, it's getting close. Then only real way to tell is to stop it many times during this stage.

Serve cake at room temp, with chilled cream and sauce. Dark chocolate heaven.


Flourless chocolate cake
10 oz. 60% cocoa chocolate
2 oz. 72% cocoa chocolate
1 1/2 tsp instant espresso powder
1 1/2 c sugar
12 oz. butter, room temp
6 eggs
vanilla bean (or 1 tbsp vanilla extract)

Raspberry Sauce
12 oz frozen raspberry
1/3 c sugar
vanilla bean pod

Vanilla bean whipped cream
1 c cream
2 tbsp powdered sugar
1 vanilla bean (or 2 tsp vanilla extract)