About Zombie Girl

Modern Times: a zombie existence, stop by to pick at brains and nibble.

I'm one of those strange people that's actually from LA, I've always been in California, aside for the years I spent in high school, which was far far away, (and the most interesting thing about me) 
As with all zombies of today, my interests vary greatly, everything from cooking, to reading, to art, to science, to tv, to politics. I always wish I could be doing more, supporting locals, being more green, actually being creative (rather than dreaming about), supporting the creatives, blogging keeps me going, and is one of the rare art forms I can commit to, I would love to have actual readers, but at the moment, I'm happy with just the one writer. 

I try to read a book a week, but it's one every two at best. 

I love to cook, and have really high standards, but don't like doing dishes, love simple recipes, that don't take much time. I started baking when I was a little girl with my grandmother, I could bake most things by 11, but it took encouragement from an aunt to actually start cooking real food, I started with the oven, cause I knew how to work that well, and moved on to everything else from there.
I'm kind of funny when it comes to current events and the modern world, I knew who I was at a very young age, I knew my religion at 12, my politics at 14, and that i wanted to write at 15. By being quick to the plate, I have much less tolerance for peer pressure, and the same applies to tv media, they are a kind of bully, they decide what's important, and what you should be afraid of next. I figured out at 18 after spending six months watching cable news, they were clueless, I find most people just quote back to you what the tv said, i love to challenge them, there's never anything past the surface remarks, like an uninformed politician, they cave in quickly. I can respect anyone who knows their stuff on any topic, even it juxtaposes mine.

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zombiesgirl (at) gmail.com