Spent 13 hours this weekend on the road with my sister this weekend driving to and back from my cousins graduation, it was nuts, definitely haven't had time to cook anything, or in fact blog anything, so this is going to be short, and probably unfulfilling, I'm sorry I'll make for it,
Until then, I'm doing a quick post on what apparently translates to online as sweet preserve. It's Greek,thick hard and elastic, it comes in one of two flavor mint or vanilla, this one is vanilla,.
This was introduced to me by one of my best friends in high school, I don't think anyone else ate it, but I loved it.
To serve it you need a very cold glass of water and a spoonful of the preserve. You place the preserve in the water and refrigerate again, (it's softer straight out ot the jar.)
Once cold you slowly eat it off the spoon and drink some of the water, that becomes a little flavored as well.
This is great for really warm nights, watching an movie with the lights dimmed,