Saturday, June 25, 2011

Open the box and see all the veggies: Strawberries, and other sad tales of doom

One little tiny thing of strawberries, what! After trying to kill me with watermelon!? But it gets worse

Good strawberries are always a little rotten, they're usually a day away from complete destruction, thats why a non rotten strawberry never tastes good, the ones that rotted on the truck were the best. These were just as they should be, about to start falling apart. So far so good. I did taste a couple the first day, they were sweet and friendly, and well red.
So what did i do with the sucker,

Here's the sad part, i took them to work, and left them there on a Friday, certain DOOM. Had to call the office and donate them to the crowd still there. At least they werent wasted

The others in this category include cilantro, which is untouched

untouched lettuce

untouched carrots

Conclusion Hmm, i should consider changing my vote to mostly fruit...

On the post next time Avocado Salad, woohoo!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Open the box and see all the veggies: Tomatoes

They seem to think i have a thing for tomatoes, one thing i would never take to work for fear of early refrigeration, i found myself cooking not just one or two but all 8. And some of them were big.

There's nothing like a tomato in the summer time, in fact i wont even eat a tomato other time of the year, well not willingly anyway. These had the scent, and were all red, though i have learned to love and respect the green and yellow. They held together well, survived the heavy chopping and the lazy, this thing is going to cook for an hour, what does it need chopping for melted away as beautifully as i imaged it would.
So what did i do with the sucker,

I stuck 7 of them in Moroccan meatballs which shockingly turned out really spicy, probably should cut down on that in future. Had to made so many extras to take the heat away. Couscous, (what a shock) But then found myself having to take it further, embarrassingly, like a true California girl i found myself cooking onions down til slightly charred and adding gypsy peppers (cause they came in the box) and garlic, *Can you tell where this is going?) Then serving with sour cream, yes i will admit it, i mexified moroccan food, and may in fact need help, or salvation or something. Oh well, tasted good.

The last lone tomato, (though huge) ended up lazily cut up and toss in a pot with chicken and salsa, garlic, pepper, paprika, and anything else red I could get my hands on.

Tomorrow's post should focus on strawberries

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Open the box and see all the veggies: Watermelon

Oh the first box of a new (for me) organic to my door plan. The excitement and builds you open it up and find a small watermelon lurking inside. :( I'm allergic, not like this is going to kill me one day (that's cherry) but in the discomfort is just not worth it way. Plus it was cracked, a huge wedge right down the middle. So sad.

I have many uncalled for talents, one of which is picking watermelons, i can thump on them and tell you if its ripe or not, youre looking for a B flat, though seeing as how 99% of people cant tell what that is (expect possibly if there's a piano beside them) What you're really looking for is an echo. I play drums with them all til i hear a deep echo and then don't eat it afterwards.  With the crack the echo was lost, so took a risk and had a little taste, it was ok, not as sweet as it could be, but watermelony enough. It was dark seedless, they're never white seedless, in fact when was the last time you saw the seed? Aside from the toasted and salted variety I havent seen one since i was a kid.
So what did i do with the sucker,

I cut half up into little piece and then attempted to blend them with the blender that features the never turn on motor. Was planning on making watermelon lemonade and attempting to sell it at work, oh well. Lost that half to that and second half sits in my fridge mocking me. In its inedible glory. :(

Tomorrow's post should focus on tomatoes

Monday, June 6, 2011

Changing directions once again

So the last time I cooked something it was eggplant gratin, a dish i have made dozens of times, before that there was grain mustard potato salad, before that a cauliflower gratin. before that better than sex cake, and thats everything  I made in the month of May, not only uninspiring, but not much either.

So onwards and upwards we're changing again, have a short but ridiculously fun winding trip planned in July, and hopefully we'll cover some of that, also a large photo project coming up we're really excited about. Photography seems to be the flavor of the month these last few months, that along with growing herbs, all kinds of beautiful seedlings have sprouted, and ate doing so well, aside from cilantro, stubborn little thing, refuses to even give a little root. Oh well, you cant win them all.  Photos coming soon!