Quick Frozen Strawberry Lemonade on the Patio Kind of Sunday

Just felt one of those days, a day for reading, and not much time spent in the kitchen, for something quick and cold I didn't have to venture out of the house to get, and since I own the blender, might as well use it once in a while.

Start off with 10 frozen strawberries place them in the blender, the frozen strawberry, so much easier than keeping ice on hand. Ok, not that much easier, saves me the trouble of filling ice trays and getting them into the freezer without spilling.

Add 2 tbsp sugar (which is a lot, I was surprised how much they needed) juice of one or two lemons, around 1/4 cup and water or in my case fuzzy water, was in the fridge, seemed like a good idea, did add a little bit of salt, which was strangely a little virgin strawberry margarita, (a drink I am far too grown up for, now I strictly drink virgin lime margaritas)

Give it a whirl, you can add more water it it stalls, but I usually just shake the blender a bit like they do at the juice parlors, (never show me a trick in the kitchen, I will try it at home, even if it requires new toys, yes I am referring to a mini flame torch.)

Take them drinks outside and enjoy, this made two servings.


  1. That. Sounds. Fabulous.

    I just picked 11 lbs of strawberries yesterday, and I can't wait to try this out! This sounds like the perfect way to beat the heat.

  2. Wow 11 lbs? That be a lot, what are you planning on doing with the rest?


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