Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To Seitan or not to Seitan

I'm sorry but given the choice between eating plain veg, and eating seitan with it, seitan is so boring and has so much gluten, i rather stick to just the veg.

Prefect Bacon

This is the best way for cooking bacon, crispy, flatish, and with little clean up.
Cover a baking sheet with foil, curling the edges up so the grease doesn't drip. Lay the bacon flat on top, crack a little pepper on, if you like and bake at 425, its perfect for us in 9 minutes, but id start checking after 7, it could take as long as 15, if you into extra crispy.
Remove the bacon and drain on a paper towel, dont attempt to toss the grease til it's cooled.
Once youve found the perfect timing, Grease splattered counter tops will be a distant memory.