Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pesto, a Great Friend to Zombies Everywhere

I kept this in the house all year round, it's the ultimate zombie food, strong enough to wake you up, a little goes a huge distance so it lasts for months, and really easy to make,
Ever walk into the grocery store and smell all the basil? It comes around twice a year, the winter when its beautiful and pungent and in the summer when its sweet and overwhelming.

If you dont think that Pesto is one of the great foods of the world, than you have never made your own, and even if you know a great version they sell at the store. This one is better. It is truly, At least for me, and the people i give a portion to every time I make it. I'm not wasting a drop of this, cleaning the blades with a piece of bread, even though I just made a huge jar pesto.

  • 1/3 cup walnuts

  • 1/3 cup pignolis (pine nuts)

  • 11 cloves garlic

  • 3 cups fresh basil leaves

  • 1 1/2 cups  olive oil

  • 1 cup  grated parm

In a food processor (this will fit in a little one, but barely so have some bread on hand) grind up nuts and garlic, squeeze in basil (you can be brutal with them stuffing them in there, no delicacy needed here) and let it rip, although it will be a bit of a let down, cause its too dry. Add the olive oil through the feed tube with the motor running, and watch it go.

Add all that lovely parm, the pesto should be a dream, although I prefer to make this in the summer, you can make this with winter basil, it will still be great but will have a little spicy kick, rather than a sweet undertone.

Oh, and to avoid browning, add a little layer of olive oil on top and everything stays a nice bright.

Word to the wise if you feel this pesto is too much for your household to handle, you can pass it along to all your friends, but they may ask for another batch once youve worked through the reserves.

While making pesto, try to get your hands on some, the fresher the better mozzarella, crusty bread, and sweet scented tomatoes,  cause all the zombies will be handing around the kitchen eating it directly out of the jar, christmas cookies don't get this kind of attention.

I’m sorry your name is?

We cant get Patricia in the office to not pronounce the g in Hughes. Even though Ani spent a few minutes repeating after her, and Patricia accepted the fact that Hugh has a silent g.
Poor Mr. Hughes,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day old Donuts meet Bread Pudding

4 to 5 donuts, any kind will work really.
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips
1/3 cup coconut

Tear up the donuts and place in an mid sized oven safe pan, top with chocolate chips, and then cocnut.
mix together eggs and milk and van. (I shake it up in a jar)
Pour on the donuts,
Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.

Added bonus some donuts' glaze will create almost a caramel
If your not a coconut and chocolate fan you can sub them out for raisins and nuts, with a touch of cinnamon.

Philosophy on Appetizers

Do you believe in light or heavy appetizers?

:) my evil side comes out here, i make high protein, one bite and you could stop there appetizers.

My evil theory, people will eat less during the meal, which means i get away with making less and thus working less.

cue evil laugh. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Blogging Back Story

I started my first blog, before I had even heard of the word, it was just a day by day, that turned into a month by month, and eventually i forgot all about. i find that if youre in a long distance relationship, on one hand your giving your daily thoughts to the blog, and therefore not to the person youre with, but at the same time, you dont want him to know about the blog, you just want to be able to type in youre a creep, or give away details of a fight which he would consider a violation of our privacy and you just dont want to have to deal with all of that. So often when i start blogs i pull away from continuing them, because i find i dont have the energy to talk to him as well, and he starts to take it seriously, and thinks youre not interested, which simply isnt true.
Anyhow blogging, that first journal went bust after a couple of years, and it took me a few more years to start another one. the company blog, which i love complaining about having to write for, but meanwhile i owe it a lot, my entire interest in following other blogs started at thie point.
After the company blog i started this one, because i love to cook, but dont particularly like a lot of hard work, if i can get away with tossing something into the oven to do all the hard for me, i am all over it. my kind of thing. In fact most of my range doesnt work, one or two coils if im lucky, and i have very cheap landlords, (the downside to rent control) and they suggest sanding the ends, which i do on occasion and then it works for a day or two, until its reverted itself to useless again.
Anyhow, after this blog i created yet another one, which i never wrote a single post for. i was to be able to criticize everything and everything, but turns out too lazy.
The last blog i created was a great big flog of a blog, it never got off the ground, and since this blog always had the superior results, i thought ill just combine concepts. so here goes another attempt to be a regular blogger for something other than the company.

Another Year

Well its actually our anniversary today, which is very different when your long distance, especially for as long as we’ve been. We’ve been together and yet not since we were babies (well teenagers) and so it may be 9 years today, but in just over another month is the date of our first separation, which lasted all of two weeks and was so hard, ha. thats nothing, in July it will be two years since ive seen him. which still wont beat our record (but its getting close.) How do i feel about him, well i certainly know him better, and consequently understand him less. i dont altogether trust him, (though i wouldnt freely admit to it) but i do trust his better nature.
do we celebrate this day? no, not anymore, the way we started is so far apart from where we’ve come, its almost foreign. he stopped honoring it first (cause you know, hes a guy) and eventually i did as well, and oddly enough not because i felt foolish celebrating it on my own, but it felt like looking back on something different, and theres so much more to look forward to.
Prehaps if we ever properly reunite we can celebrate that day, the start of a new path, instead of one we abandoned long ago. Maybe thats what anniversaries should be, the celebrations of the turns rather than the starting point.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Be Yourself with Tuna

My adventures with tuna sandwiches

The Beginning

I ate tuna sandwiches as a kid, ordered it at the deli and at diners. The traditional mayo, celery, and pickle combo.

After finding my way into the Kitchen

When i started to make them at first, i replaced the celery with the stems of lettuce, (cause i wasnt a celery fan) and eventually i started to make more of a pasta salad, and started to make a sweet and tarragon version of tuns salad. Reading a package of ready made tuna salad i discovered vinegar on the list. A new dawn, one went the lemon, in with the vinegar.

The real epiphany

Staying at my aunt's house in europe and making sandwiches for the long train ride ahead of me, i made a tuna sandwich with no mayo. she didnt have any. I also used oil packed tuna (but i didnt give it enough credit at the time) i also used her homemade pickle, which turned out to be much spicier than what i was used. wow, there was nothing else like it.

The mess

Soon my tuna took on a life of its own, spicy, sweet, tangy, huge ingredient list, i even used to put in leftover salad.

the english

I started to travel to england regularly and often found my meals in the grocery store sandwiches, (which are so much better than what we get in the US) and basically corn came into the mix, mayo was back, and the list grew longer.

simple food

i took a step back, most of my cooking i had started to simplify, finding better flavor in simple food. i tried to recreate the tuna "sandwiches" i ate as a kid, tuna, relish and mayo. eaten with crackers  but the spark wasnt there.


tuna packed in oil was really the break i was looking for, there was flavor there that i need, the flavor of fish had been missing.

modern times

my official tuna salad recipe.

one can tuna packed in oil, drained

heaping tablespoon mayo
a nice serving of (good quality) relish

a nice amount of tabasco (im not shy with spice)

a couple tablespoons vinegar (usually red wine)

serve with pepper and poppy crackers

You have no idea how passionate i am about this, love it, and it is so far away from the established tuna salad, run with it go wild, dont make what everyone else does. do youre own thing. Be yourself with tuna.