Time traveling Sandwiches, How to make a those simple sandwich that tastes like it came from those beautiful resorts

Travel back into time, and some summer resort, where the sandwiches were they only food available that wasn't in a bag. There were so simple and strange but good. Was this just a vacation thing, would it still taste good at home.
All those years living in Cyprus and yet I still forget how good and simple and weird these things are. There's something odd about a Cyprus sandwich, it's like the pizzas in Armenia, no matter what you order, it all tastes the same.
Even though I will be there this summer, somehow I seriously doubt I'll eat one of these, I mean there's a bakery on every corner there, and the last couple of times I've been I've only managed to stop by once or twice. Plus these are the sandwiches they used to sell at the club near school (not that kind of club, old people playing backgammon kind of place) and the last year we used to even make these at the student shop, well I didn't, I think they thought I was too clumsy, who's the one with the food blog now ladies, ha ha. Secretly, I don't even want to know how good they are.
Start with bread, they used to be more of a hot dog pun, put in a panini press, but I love how crispy pita gets, so pita, add meat and cheese, I'm so serious here, what you use doesn't matter. Heat the whole thing up, until the cheese melts, bread browns, and and the scent takes over the whole house, (This took place in the toaster oven in my case). Add tomatoes, cucumber, mayo and ketchup and done. Tomato, cucumber, mayo and ketchup in a warm sandwich, the magic combination that screams hotel bar that's stopped serving food during the afternoon in the heat of summer, by the lounge chairs on the water, in the Mediterranean. Nothing else like it. There is no reason this should taste good and certainly no reason it should taste like it does over there (after all nothing else does) but somehow, time travel, achieved.

1 pita
2 slices ham
2 oz. cheese (sliced or shredded)
4 tomato slices
2 long slices cucumber