Avenge of the Carrot: Carrot Slaw

What, wait, is it Wednesday already?

Smashed Potato Stew

Spicy creamy mac and cheese, need I say more

Carrot Pistachio cake: An attempt to use up carrots

Sometimes something simple and sweet: Deconstructed pavolva

Who knew broccolini could be beautiful?

Is it Wednesday already?

Socialize with me

In a world with only one eggplant.

Life's better with a bit of baked in cream cheese frosting

Better than Quiche, Spring Frittata

Punk Slaw

A sandwich worth looking at Avocado and Cream Cheese

What it's Wednesday already?

The real fast food: All about the broccoli

Brain less food, for Mondays where yours isn't quite working yet:Vegan Coleslaw

Happy Mother's Day!

Writing CCC

Mango Yogurt granola parfait with pistachio

Swiss Chard Stew: My last meal request, I know I'm strange

Chocolate + PB = Love, flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies