Zombie Food Philosophy

Zombies lead simple lives, food should taste good, have limited clean up and be created easily.  Stop by to pick at brains and nibble.

My Personal Food Philosophy 
As much as I like food that can be created easily and without a lot of washing up, I want it to taste good, great in fact. Flavor is very important, and so is quality, I usually try to use ingredients without additives, I buy organic when possible, try to be conscious of how animals are raised, most of my veg and fruit is locally grown and delivered to the door every other Tuesday,

I have been a vegetarian, usually in the summers, and a vegan usually for a week or so, til pizza or something comes into my path, and I forget all about it. So sometimes the recipes can swing in that direction, they will usually swing back again.   

Foods you won't see often here
Not a big fan of milk, many zombies are becoming slightly lactose intolerant
Lemon Grass, personal dislike
Melons, avoid them
Okra, too slimy
Artificial anything, I don't go in that direction
Salmon, I love fish, just not that one 

(I have used three different veg delivery services and lovedelivery.com is by far my favorite,)