Grilled quesadilla zombie syle

OK so you're probably expecting some long story of how I pulled out the grill, got a fire going (well more like refilled the propane tank) and grilled some quesadilla, only I didn't. Years ago, i figured out that pan made quesadilla were a silly amount of work and time, and started putting them in the toaster oven.
A few years later, and I realized all you have to do is take it a bit further and just toast for a long time, and used smoked cheeses, it will have all the taste of the grill, without having to actually start up the grill.
This is truly zombie style.
1/3 cup  shredded smoked cheese
 1 tortilla
Nothing like a nice quesadilla on a summer day outside, especially without the work.


  1. Quesadillas are such a great "fast food". I love stuffing them with leftovers. What a great idea to use smoked cheese. I'll be trying that soon.


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