Zombie Peach Melbas

Summer is here, ok, maybe it's not noticeable through all the June Gloom, but it is here. Starting off the season by boiling or since I love my oven so much, more likely roasting peaches is just not something I'm going to be in the mood for, especially on a weeknight, so instead, woohoo canned peaches.
The only thing is, I actually keep raspberry sauce in my fridge, crazy right? But you make it just once for a cake and it lasts much much longer than intended, like months and why not? It tastes great, and is really pretty. The one I have right now, even has the seeds in it, so it's even simpler than the last version I posted.
Start with a bag of frozen raspberries add around 1/3 of sugar, I'll admit it, I eyeball, and cook until the sugar dissolves, which really isn't that long. Then sieve or you know don't the seeds don't bug me. If it's for something really formal I will but everyday sauce, forget it, this works.
Then open a single serving size container of peaches in light syrup (or juice if you prefer), warm them a little in either the microwave or on the stove top, (cause warm just tastes better) place in an ice cream bowl, top with vanilla ice cream, then raspberry syrup and done. Truly a zombie recipe.