Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cast Iron Apple Pie, for zombies who hate that uncooked dough on the bottom

I spent years not making apple pie cause I knew my oven would cook the top too quickly and leave the gummy dough on the bottom. Then one day I was all out of aluminium pie tins and most of my neighbors were out, so i went through all my pots and pans trying to find something that i could cook a pie in. I decided the cast iron would surely burn the pie, but I took a risk. The result, I had a pie that was golden top and bottom, a first!
2 round fridge pie crust
6 granny smith apples
3/4 brown sugar
1 1/2 tbsp cin.
2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp butter
Peel and thinly slice apples, place in bowl mix in sugar, cin., and flour. cover bottom of pie with 1 crust, fill with apple mix, dab with bits of butter, cover with second crust, and seal well, tuck in dough as much as possible. Cut a few air vents on top, and if you want cover in egg wash and sprinkle with sugar. (though ive never cared for either, i prefer the rustic look of the unglazed pie) Bake at 400 for around 45 minutes. Serve with ice cream. Think about using something other than vanilla, like chocolate of caramel ice cream. Or if you're more adventurous strawberry.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reducing your Cough Naturally

I spent all last week at home with bronchitis. Not a pleasant experience, fortunately I suspected I could have it, and went to my doctor early on enough to be diagnosed. While I dont believe in taking cold suppressants (I want the bug to come out, not nest within me) Sometimes I do rely on western medicine to help. As decongestant we had a pot of eucalyptus branches boiling away. But what I really need was something for my cough. While on cherry bark syrup, I also found a few other solutions helpful, aside from chicken soup. One was almond paste, i found a site that recommended almonds pureed with sugar. While the concept of eating marzipan instead of taking cold medicine greatly appealed to me, I had used up my remaining marzipan while making a buche de noel last christmas. I then discovered a site that recommended mixing it with honey. I happily took out the almond butter and spread a thin layer of it on pita bread, drizzled a bit of honey, and happily ate something other than chicken soup. The other solution I would recommend I could really only used while sick, when my taste buds don't have the sensitivity they normally do. A glass of grape juice with a tbsp of honey mixed. Even in my reduced flavor sensing rate, I uselessly plugged my nose and drank the sickly sweet stuff, that helped damnit. Now when my cough is on its way out I have restocked marzipan, while will probably be first used to make little mini easter eggs to go on cake next month. Oh well, life will continue zombie like til then.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Being respondsable about money at 26 is damn boring

Sometimes i think i wish i could just be laid off and go spend some time with me boyfriend, though that would easy lead to the disposal of my savings, and after all the years of saving that money, and doing without, it would be senseless on spending it on nothing but time together, wouldnt it?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Attention and Kicking

Why is it when guys want my attention they tend to nudge me with their foot?

Monday Mornings, The best morning of the week for goofing off

I tried to get away with rushing out my door this morning right around the time I'm "supposed" to leave, i was having fun upstairs, following up pn my facebook applications, with an old episode of "Yes, Minister" playing in the background.

I just discovered "Yes, Minister" I had recently taken to watching all the "Good Life" eps and quickly looked up the actors' bios. I had heard of Yes, Minister, I thought, what the hell, as long as its not completely screwball comedy, I tend to like most successful sitcoms. Now I have high hopes of having a better understanding of British Politics. Having had the scattering education I had, I have a simple grasp of American and European politics, but not enough to follow a really intensive conversation, with people that actually had a class in high school where they covered the workings.

But little things add up and my rush for the door gets more and more complicated. Espeically since i notice the apricot cake I left out last night, and think, I should take some to work with me. One more thing to slow me down. At least I got to hear more of the morning radio morons than usually driving to work. I use that term to discribe all of morning entertainment folk, not because they lack intelligence, they have to have some brains to get and stay on the air. But the topic of conversation, which is now so light and full of fluff, i start thinking of all the uppers these people could be on. I do still listen to them though, I guess they keep better company than NPR, which is too serious for a Monday.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sundays and Furniture

Apricot Cake
Apricot Cake
We spent the entire weekend dealing with the new sideboard, from empting the old one (half of which is becoming the new telephone console, so we also emptied the old telephone console) to restocking, spring cleaning, and trying to logically rearrange our kitchen and dinning room. It sounds like a lot and honestly, it wasnt that labor intensive.  Though my grandmother managed to get on my nerves again. She came to help, which is almost immpossible for her to do, in reality her favorite grandson who lives with her was out of town, doing his uncharacteristic survival training, and she was lonely and wanted to hang out with us. She drove me nuts saying that we needed men around to help us move furniture, while the two other females in the room were moving it all. Meanwhile her favorite grandson, I suppose one of the absent men she was talking about, once refused to change the water cooler's bottle "cause it would hurt his back", which left it to me, his younger female cousin to do it, like i do on a regular basis. Needless to say there was a lot of eye rolling going on that day.

I ended up baking a quick cake on Sunday, as a reward of all the work we had put into the last few days. I wasnt a box cake fan till I came across this recipe. But I love moist cake and this holds a huge amount of moisture.

Apricot cake

1 box of lemon cake mix

1 can apricot juice

1/2 cup sugar

3/4 cup oil

4 eggs

Mix it all together, and pour it into a greased bundt, bake at 350 for an hour. Cover while still warm with lemon glaze.

Lemon glaze is just a mix of lemon juice and powdered sugar, Start off with like a cup of sugar and take it easy with the lemon juice, cause a little bit goes a long way.