Coastal Weekend

We spent the weekend driving up to UC Santa Cruz for commencement, it was a beautiful weekend for it, the drive down we decided to only take the 101, turns out from Monterey, it's 2 minutes faster according to the GPS, in fact with traffic conditions, we even ended up on the 1, wish we could have taken that the whole way down, but neither one of us wanted to drive down the coast that long, I've been on that road, and very happily volunteered not to drive it.
The skies were blue 09% of the time, and there were so many breath taking views, had me questioning why I always fly to Europe, when California looks like this.
Graduation was a strange combo of formality and artists, they actually didn't mix all that well, some of the students definitely stole the show, some of them opting to wear costumes, and there were definitely a few rather creative walks across the stage, my Berkeley going sister was a little shocked by how much more "hippie" (her word) Santa Cruz was. 
You would think that an entire weekend of travel up and down the California coast would have gotten me more than one lone food photo, but turns out spending so much time on the road is not conducive to fancy food, instead we had burgers driving up, and pizza driving down, and there's nothing more boring to me than foods of burgers and cheese pizzas, so yeah, I skipped taking them.
Instead the only food photo I got was this one, and before you think, oh scallops are nice, I sort of sent it back. Yes my one and only photo and I didn't even eat it, the scallops were fishy, I'm not sure but I think they had been frozen, they were cooked almost perfectly, which is not something easy to do, but the nice piece of (slightly overcooked) snapper was totally worth the swap, and that would have been fine, except the spinach, the spinach had, and I'm not kidding like three cups of wine in it, which I guess would be fine if you really like wine and not so much spinach, but I happen to like well spinach. The mashed potatoes if you were wondering were perfect, I'm not sure who cooked that, but it was brilliant.