Monday, June 4, 2012

Simple Beets with reduced balsamic vinegar dressing

Finally got caught up with Games of Thrones last night,  there's something about that show, after I finish watching a season, I'm glad it's going away for awhile. This is the first Monday in a long time I don't have some sort of cake to take to work, the reason, I gave it to my sister to take to her work instead, of course she completely forgot. If she forgets tomorrow I figure that's it, it's going with me.

Anyhow beets, I still have a few left from the farm in Oxnard, this salad is inspired from one I had at a pizza place (of all things) in Santa Monica during Dine LA last year, it was really good, had a lot more ingredients involved, and stayed with me, I've made it many times since, but it's lost a lot of the garnish over time and is now fairly simple.

Nothing simpler, beets with a little reduced balsamic dressing, a dish you can make barely spending any time in the kitchen, 
Average sized beets bake in 350 oven for around 40 minutes., until soft through 
The balsamic you place in a pot on the stove and just let it cook down  
and down

and down

until really thick

Pour on beets add olive oil, salt and pepper

Serve with mixed greens

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