What it's Wednesday already?

I've been so sick the last couple of days, from my knowledge of food poisoning I know I got it from something I ate either Saturday night or Sunday morning, not sure what it was, if I did, it would be on the no fly list by now. My brain has not been on food, didn't have anything to blog about except burnt toast and tea, I can tell you that TJ's Radiant Water tastes like heavily watered down tropical flavored lemonade, but not much else.

I am planning on making zucchini bread, maybe as soon as tonight, so that will be new, I feel like I have  negligent LA Care, where my sister works, and should send them some sugar love, before she leaves. She's doing her masters in New York, how exciting is that? 

I just found out one of my friends just had her baby last night, and am jumping over the moon, she was (they now think) misdiagnosed years ago with a terrible disease, and it felt like her life was sort of stunted, and she was so full of life, it really was a shame. A few years ago she decided that she wanted to be a mother and she returned to her old lively ways. I hope this baby provides the same joy as her daughter does.

Oh, also a friend of mine has promised to make Mosaic Cake, something I've tried and failed to pull off, I will blog about it when she does, because it is totally worth making. I'm deciding to blame the recipe, but the truth is, I'm terrible with puddings and custards, and this is basically firm chocolate custard with broken cookies in it.

Webinars, only one thing to say on this when the people who are supposed to running it, don't show up, not a good sign. Ok so the home office in Asia set it up, and the NorCal office was supposed to run it, but they didn't even pick up the phone the first 4 times I called, I know they had a makeup session on Monday, but still. 

This was an interesting article on what Olympians eat. Lots of crazy in different shades.

OK probably something I shouldn't admit, but I want to see Brave, kidless and everything, I always go to the Pixar cartoons, in fact I usually go to the 9:30 or so showing, sometimes even in 3D, just to avoid all the kids being there with us at the same time, is it crazy, probably, but then again the theater will be full, trust me and the average age in the room I would guess around 34, still younger than them, woohoo.