Vegetarian Zombies Comfort Food

So it all started with a grain mix and a new Trader Joes, you know what it's like, you're in a new store and they stock the shelves a little differently and suddenly things you've never even seen in other stores are front and center and you impulse buy,. That's how I ended up coming home with a grain, something I never buy, cause I usually have the base ingredients, and can do my own mixing, thank you. Sigh, I bought it, so I followed label directions and cooked it, but the freezer was fish free, which meant, yay we're going vegan, or well rather vegetarian.

Grains meet Pepper,

1 onion, sliced
4 small peppers, or 2 regular
1.2 pkg grain mix, cooked according to directions
cheese of choice, i used akawi
nut of choice, i used cashew

Here are the grains, I cooked them in veg broth with a little butter according to package instructions, the grain mix included a lot of quinoa and Israeli couscous.

 Four pretty peppers, great roasted, but I sauteed them here.

 Slice onion
 Slice pepper
 Saute onions, til golden, add peppers and cook til soft
Top onions and peppers with grains.
 Serve warm or cold with cheese and nuts