Toast meets egg, for people who like breakfast all at once

Egg in a Basket with Raspberry Jam, sounds a little crazy. I like toast and jam and eggs, so it make sense to me, but perhaps not everyone.
This is my favorite breakfast, it has all the glory or pancakes, and the fanciness of waffles, without the work, and plus single servings, totally do-able.
So I know they call these eggs in a basket, but I've always thought that wasn't a great name, in fact it's terrible, doesn't ever describe the dish. First off, if a hole in a piece of bread is a basket, it's lousy basket, second, it's exactly a slice of bread deep, how does that work?
I think there's a flaw in the original dish as well, The egg is basically cooked over easy, to try and balance out the cook time needed for the eggs and the bread, but with over easy eggs the yolks are always a little too cooked for my taste, egg doesn't need that long on both sides, and then the bread is under toasted,
This annoyed me for years, and I don't know how the idea came to be, but I started doubling up on well everything and it was perfect, Double eggs means less yolk contact with the pan, and that in turn means you can toast the bread longer on both sides. So much better, Then there's the jam, I have no excuse for this, I love it, but acknowledge I am probably alone in this. Which is probably why I always make a single serving...
Egg in a Basket with Raspberry Jam

Lay two pieces of bread on top of each other and cut a hole with a glass

Flip the bread over and  place glass on other side 

Remove bread holes 

Heat a pan with a little butter, add bread. 

Crack two eggs into hole
Once one sides cooked, flip to cook the other side, 

Remove when both sides are well cooked, you can flip multiple times if needed
Spread the top with jam, 

Butter the bread holes a little and cook in the frying pan,

Place holes on top

The yolks should still run, while the white is cooked. 


  1. looks so yummy, wish tomorrow was Saturday and i'd make it!


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