Mango Yogurt granola parfait with pistachio

Sounds really fancy doesn't it, like I spent time putting this together thinking about it, perhaps using leftover frozen mango, or something, but no, it's really nothing that special, basically Traders Joes has a new yogurt 6 pack, with three mangoes and three peaches, yeah, but hey, when you're eating with zombies, layering flavors is considered rather fancy.
I just didn't feel like cooking anything, I rarely do, really makes sense that I run a daily cooking blog, doesn't it? I felt like attempting to catch up on the dvr, I'm fairly caught up on sitcoms, cause half hours are just easier. 

This single serving is layering of one little container of yogurt, some store bought granola, (cause I've been burnt by bad homemade granola too many times to go back there, plus need a recipe where the granola ends up in chunks and not individual oats, sorry I'm ranting.) and some pistachios, I personally cracked open, and put under a knife and pushed hard on, chopping nuts is for sissies.

Mango yogurt
Granola of choice
Pistachio nuts, crushed

Although this is doable for breakfast, this is really more of a dessert, yogurt gives the illusion of healthiness, so it's even low guilt dessert, yay, always a good thing. Single serving and many many servings all within it's realm, so yay again,