Food Magazine covers

I do get a couple subscriptions of food magazines, I know they're old fashioned, and they pile up, and all this stuff is online, but it's happy mail, and in my book I need a little happy mail to balance out spam and bills,

Right now I have Everyday Food, mainly because it was really great the first couple of years it printed, and I still haven't forgot that. And Cook's County, which is the less guilt inducing version of Cook's Illustrated, basically an issue isn't as expensive as a book. Neither of these are not good reason to keep holding on, but it's the photos. so many cooking magazines have such bad photos, the slimy looking chicken that's on half the covers, why do they always make the sauce look like that, Is there a photoshop function called creepy sauce I am unaware of. Take a look at the food blogs out there, there's lots of underlit stuff, But not so much slimy sauce. I'm writing this because occasionally someone will send me a magazine, to try and get me started, but after I get past oh so glossy cover and it's scary looking chicken breast with veg, I'm looking at page after page of unattractive, uncreative food I don't want to make, even the desserts, the one food you can almost always look good, why are so many of these magazines stuck in the early 90s?

I'm assuming these magazines exist for the non internet friendly folks out there, but don't they deserve better, I mean couldn't someone put together a magazine for them that had more of the look and feel of something as glamours as La Tartine Gourmande?