What, wait, is it Wednesday already?

Memorial day was great, my cousin grilled a few steaks, we had some nice sides, I provided dessert, went pretty well, except for the fact that my aunt decided to make the cake a birthday cake for my sister, yeah it was coconut cake (I will post the making of it eventually), and when my sister attempted to blow out the candle, we got it on film, I'll update this post when it makes it's way to youtube.

Almost the entire cake was gone by the end of the night, and there just wasn't enough to bring into the office after a long weekend, so I baked another one. Most of the equipment was still on the dish rack. This is the granddaddy of cakes I specialize in, not my first,  (that was banana almond) but definitely started baking this many years ago now.

Update on the Cyprus trip, my best friend (well one of them) backed out, which means I'll be in Cyprus alone for quite a while. I'm already trying to plan a little side trip, the problem is once you get all the way down to Cyprus, a lot of places don't make sense to fly up to, and if I'm going alone I learned a long time ago, I have to make sure I can meet people wherever I go. Right now, I'm thinking maybe Sweden, and maybe I'll redo my ticket entirely. This is a dark and winding path.

I met an old friend for coffee last week, she was my best friend growing, but we drifted as we became teenagers, I always assumed we would eventually find each other again, and I think our paths are much more parallel than I realized. :)

My cousin is in New York this week, hanging out with one of her best friends growing up. Meanwhile she's making jewelry again, and her etsy shop is finally back up! Here's one of her cool pieces, it's made of recycled parts from other pieces she's collected over the years.
Hot Pink Recycled Stone, Turquoise and Brass Bead Gold Necklace

Finally saw the last ep of House, bleah. terrible, Not the worst episode ever, (there was another one I just didn't finish watching) this was the second worse. I really don't care about any of the characters anymore, disappointing ending.

The weather this weekend was amazing, all sunshine, the time of year for skirts and dresses is back, love that.

Anyone have a recipe with biscuit dough, I've completely gone off monkey bread and am now having a stare down with the two tubes in my fridge.

I keep saying I want to have more picnics and then doing nothing about it, I really need to start making facebook events, would be so much easier. than telling people we are so totally doing this. Maybe I could do one in Cyprus? I used to know like every park in Nicosia.