To Food Watchers out there

Possibly the best food blogger out there, just released her book today, 
Smitten Kitchen, she gives us reason to keep blogging, I've spent considerable time first gawking her photos, then analyzing how she does it. Although I find I take a little more photography advice from the very well known Pioneer Woman, I would love to have the skill of smitten, I've been looking for someone to help me with the photography. A lot of which could probably be helped by a better camera, and decent lighting for once, but I tend to cook after work, and the sun is not so abundant then, really lucky the kitchen window faces west,

If smitten kitchen had lived in the pre blog age, New Yorkers would befriending this woman, trying to steal her recipes. Modern times, we no longer even have to leave the house to do so. I am planning on having her be one of my Taste of the Chefs soon, But til then if you, or someone you know love food photography, take a look at this book, it is definitely jaw floor worthy.