Sometimes something simple and sweet: Deconstructed pavolva

It's Friday. one of the few really really great ones of the year, no work on Monday kind of Friday, it's amazing how powerful a good Monday is. But before we begin with the whole burgers, and do we have any avocados that are in the sweet period of soft but not shrunken, let's talk summer desserts. Gone are the warm ones, it's the time for chilled, Pavolva is one of my favorites, but whipping egg whites baking meringue in a circle, not putting anything together til the last second, yeah, that's like guests I'm trying to impress dessert, not, ooh look strawberries in the fridge dessert .

3 or 4 strawberries
1 small meringue
light whipped cream in can,
toasted coconut

Layer them in the order above in a nice ice cream dish, consume.

Ok, so you're thinking, but toasted coconut, work. Yeah, not that I live in an ice cream parlor or anything, but I actually have a little toasted coconut sitting around, easily accessible in a baggie, and right now in the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. You can too! Tt's like 7 minutes on foil in the toasted oven, (in my toaster oven, I'd start with 5 minutes, and probably watch it a bit, cause it can burn pretty quick)