What it's Wednesday already?

Lately I've been reading the blog How Sweet it is, and she has this great weekly column called Tuesday Things, and to be honest I think it may be my favorite part of her blog, I keep wanting to write something similar, took me a few weeks to realize I can, only I decided "Whst is it Wednesday already" is a little more my style.

1.  Still don't like my new hair color, I tried to get it to be even lighter, and was told it wasn't possible, and that it could be a little lighter than my natural color, I don't know how dark she thought my hair was, but this is just way too dark. I will admit I have been attempting to slowly change it, lots of tea bags. (Tea bags can lighten dark hair or darken light hair)

2.  I have decided that if one more sitcom has one of the characters marry the stripper ala "That 70s Show", I'm going to walk away from sitcoms, I will admit "How I Met Your Mother" started me down this path. I truly thought it would be the last episode of a sitcom I would ever watch. But no, not yet. Is there any show in which the stripper marriage isn't the shark jump?
italian panini
Italian style panini from Amelia's

3.  Went by Amelia's Espresso & Panini after many years of intending to, but never actually doing, was
with my cousin, and it's reputation was well earned, and my panini huge, I only had half, it was full of italian meats, roasted bell pepper and sun dried tomato pesto. So good, so filling. I got an orange juice as well. The real stuff freshly squeezed and a little tart, just the way I like it.

4.  Also saw the Avengers, yes I was one of those people who gave money to that cause, but honestly Joss Whedon + well anything means must see, and more creative control the better. I was shocked by the number of people that didn't stay all the way to the end for the added scenes. There was maybe 20 percent of the audience left by the end, shocking. Went with my cousins, was awesome, must hang out with them more. I didn't see the 3D version, to be honest, I think I prefer the 2D versions more.

5.  Still haven't bought my ticket to Greece or Cyprus or London or anything I have to get on that, just commit to it, I know I'm going, my best friend's wedding afterall, and who knows how many more of friends aboard will get married and I wont be able to make it. Must buy. Must buy. Maybe tonight. I wish I knew if the Cyprus leg was on, all depends on another friend and her being able to be there as well. I've leaned my lesson over the years. I don't do Cyprus alone. If I knew I could start writing everyone there, figuring out who will be in town...

6,  On the polar end of that, I'm trying to budget better, be more responsible with what I spend eat out less, cook more. More veg (cheap!) less meat. I need a dress for the wedding and some sandals, but I think I can get by with just that. I even looked into changing our electric utility rate to a schedule that favors folks that use less in the summers, but all the discounts come in the winter, so seemed like something to do in October,

7.  I created a facebook fan page, woohoo, so far no one has liked it... yeah this may take some time, I haven't even figured out how to put a button on this page yet. I will, I will