The real fast food: All about the broccoli

Tuesday, the day I get my farm box, one of the most common veg they send is broccoli, my favorite way of eating it is so fast and simple, it takes 23 minutes, most of that is in the toaster oven, Only three ingredients, it's rounded out with a little olive oil to cook with and some asian sauce, because well it's easy quick, tastes good and already hanging out in my fridge. I could figure out a way of making something similar from scratch, but as it is my fridge door is overwhelmed with sauce, and don't you find every time you're going to make a sauce like that, you're missing some key ingredient, you only need a tsp of, but it wont work without it? Is that just me? This bottle doubles as a wonton dipping sauce on many occasions as well, so you see multi purpose, and while I have on occasion used it for intended purposes, it's so very rare. 

Wash broccoli and seperate into florets, place on baking sheet, add a little olive oil, and bake at 425 for 20 minutes.

Comes out all pretty and slightly browned on the edges, but without being overcooked. 
Place in a bowl and top with a little General Tso sauce. Great hot or old actually.