Writing CCC

California Chicken Cafe

Yes, I am one of those crazy people that writes contact us emails and webmaster emails, I figure there are other crazies in the world writing them as well with opinions that oppose mine, so I should get my say in as well. Yes that includes writing my representatives, although I have started writing President Obama, I have never sent anything, when it comes to presidents I'm on the shy side. Though I did once speak to the president of Cyprus while living there :). Anyhow I just wrote California Chicken Cafe a letter, after they screwed up my phone order yet again, again, and I even tried ordering from a different one hoping for a better outcome. Oh well, here's the letter. I'll tell you if I get a response.

While there are many things I love about your restaurants, and I have frequented more than one of your locations, including Santa Monica, Westwood, and Encino.
There are a few things I feel could be improved upon,
 Some of which are rather self motivated
such as
better parking,
if you could just carry a garlic sauce like the one at Zankou Chicken,
or in fact any other sauce, I tend to opt for the bbq, but I feel like there’s a huge range missing between salsa and bbq
if you could offer another vegetable other than squash, while I love potatoes, they are another starch,

Then I think there’s one that’s a little more serious,
The online order, I have called and waited for someone to pick up times, but that is to be expected, it’s the order that tends to go wrong
When ordering 1 ½ chickens. I get ½  a chicken, that was easily spotted and fixed. Just yesterday in westwood I asked for the When asking for 8 pieces, I got four dark meats, That was harder to explain,
I’ve expected to get charged the chicken and two sides combo and gotten charged separately. It seems all these problems could be easily solved by the online order, if we’re not on a phone trying to understand each other, and could just click our options,
I think the chances of error would decrease, which saves on time. Part of the line at the restaurant could potentially be shorter as well. If there are less people answering phones, there are more people serving customers,
Thanks for giving this your attention.

Fair warning, if you've never written before, I don't often get a response, and never a quick one. But here's hoping.