A zombie's Slow roasted beef

Sometimes you just want to add a little meat to something, this is my back up, it's the meat I make and store and use bits of at a time, when everything else is veg, this is my go to little bit of meat. It's slow roasted til it's fallen apart, and then shredded a little more, cause that how I like it. It's uses are infinite. 
Some things are so simple, it's ridiculous 
2 chopped onions, in a pot
 2 apples, large chop

 Place in a oven safe pan, with a lid
 1.5 lb meat, 1 tsp chili flackes, 2 tbsp butter, salt & pepper
Top with 1 cup water and cook at 325 for approximately 2 hours

 I usually top it with a little honey, to help bring out the sweetness, at the this point all the water has been absorbed.
 Shred the beef further with a fork if desired.