My Blogging Back Story

I started my first blog, before I had even heard of the word, it was just a day by day, that turned into a month by month, and eventually i forgot all about. i find that if youre in a long distance relationship, on one hand your giving your daily thoughts to the blog, and therefore not to the person youre with, but at the same time, you dont want him to know about the blog, you just want to be able to type in youre a creep, or give away details of a fight which he would consider a violation of our privacy and you just dont want to have to deal with all of that. So often when i start blogs i pull away from continuing them, because i find i dont have the energy to talk to him as well, and he starts to take it seriously, and thinks youre not interested, which simply isnt true.
Anyhow blogging, that first journal went bust after a couple of years, and it took me a few more years to start another one. the company blog, which i love complaining about having to write for, but meanwhile i owe it a lot, my entire interest in following other blogs started at thie point.
After the company blog i started this one, because i love to cook, but dont particularly like a lot of hard work, if i can get away with tossing something into the oven to do all the hard for me, i am all over it. my kind of thing. In fact most of my range doesnt work, one or two coils if im lucky, and i have very cheap landlords, (the downside to rent control) and they suggest sanding the ends, which i do on occasion and then it works for a day or two, until its reverted itself to useless again.
Anyhow, after this blog i created yet another one, which i never wrote a single post for. i was to be able to criticize everything and everything, but turns out too lazy.
The last blog i created was a great big flog of a blog, it never got off the ground, and since this blog always had the superior results, i thought ill just combine concepts. so here goes another attempt to be a regular blogger for something other than the company.