Pesto, a Great Friend to Zombies Everywhere

I kept this in the house all year round, it's the ultimate zombie food, strong enough to wake you up, a little goes a huge distance so it lasts for months, and really easy to make,
Ever walk into the grocery store and smell all the basil? It comes around twice a year, the winter when its beautiful and pungent and in the summer when its sweet and overwhelming.

If you dont think that Pesto is one of the great foods of the world, than you have never made your own, and even if you know a great version they sell at the store. This one is better. It is truly, At least for me, and the people i give a portion to every time I make it. I'm not wasting a drop of this, cleaning the blades with a piece of bread, even though I just made a huge jar pesto.

  • 1/3 cup walnuts

  • 1/3 cup pignolis (pine nuts)

  • 11 cloves garlic

  • 3 cups fresh basil leaves

  • 1 1/2 cups  olive oil

  • 1 cup  grated parm

In a food processor (this will fit in a little one, but barely so have some bread on hand) grind up nuts and garlic, squeeze in basil (you can be brutal with them stuffing them in there, no delicacy needed here) and let it rip, although it will be a bit of a let down, cause its too dry. Add the olive oil through the feed tube with the motor running, and watch it go.

Add all that lovely parm, the pesto should be a dream, although I prefer to make this in the summer, you can make this with winter basil, it will still be great but will have a little spicy kick, rather than a sweet undertone.

Oh, and to avoid browning, add a little layer of olive oil on top and everything stays a nice bright.

Word to the wise if you feel this pesto is too much for your household to handle, you can pass it along to all your friends, but they may ask for another batch once youve worked through the reserves.

While making pesto, try to get your hands on some, the fresher the better mozzarella, crusty bread, and sweet scented tomatoes,  cause all the zombies will be handing around the kitchen eating it directly out of the jar, christmas cookies don't get this kind of attention.