Another Year

Well its actually our anniversary today, which is very different when your long distance, especially for as long as we’ve been. We’ve been together and yet not since we were babies (well teenagers) and so it may be 9 years today, but in just over another month is the date of our first separation, which lasted all of two weeks and was so hard, ha. thats nothing, in July it will be two years since ive seen him. which still wont beat our record (but its getting close.) How do i feel about him, well i certainly know him better, and consequently understand him less. i dont altogether trust him, (though i wouldnt freely admit to it) but i do trust his better nature.
do we celebrate this day? no, not anymore, the way we started is so far apart from where we’ve come, its almost foreign. he stopped honoring it first (cause you know, hes a guy) and eventually i did as well, and oddly enough not because i felt foolish celebrating it on my own, but it felt like looking back on something different, and theres so much more to look forward to.
Prehaps if we ever properly reunite we can celebrate that day, the start of a new path, instead of one we abandoned long ago. Maybe thats what anniversaries should be, the celebrations of the turns rather than the starting point.