Reducing your Cough Naturally

I spent all last week at home with bronchitis. Not a pleasant experience, fortunately I suspected I could have it, and went to my doctor early on enough to be diagnosed. While I dont believe in taking cold suppressants (I want the bug to come out, not nest within me) Sometimes I do rely on western medicine to help. As decongestant we had a pot of eucalyptus branches boiling away. But what I really need was something for my cough. While on cherry bark syrup, I also found a few other solutions helpful, aside from chicken soup. One was almond paste, i found a site that recommended almonds pureed with sugar. While the concept of eating marzipan instead of taking cold medicine greatly appealed to me, I had used up my remaining marzipan while making a buche de noel last christmas. I then discovered a site that recommended mixing it with honey. I happily took out the almond butter and spread a thin layer of it on pita bread, drizzled a bit of honey, and happily ate something other than chicken soup. The other solution I would recommend I could really only used while sick, when my taste buds don't have the sensitivity they normally do. A glass of grape juice with a tbsp of honey mixed. Even in my reduced flavor sensing rate, I uselessly plugged my nose and drank the sickly sweet stuff, that helped damnit. Now when my cough is on its way out I have restocked marzipan, while will probably be first used to make little mini easter eggs to go on cake next month. Oh well, life will continue zombie like til then.