Monday Mornings, The best morning of the week for goofing off

I tried to get away with rushing out my door this morning right around the time I'm "supposed" to leave, i was having fun upstairs, following up pn my facebook applications, with an old episode of "Yes, Minister" playing in the background.

I just discovered "Yes, Minister" I had recently taken to watching all the "Good Life" eps and quickly looked up the actors' bios. I had heard of Yes, Minister, I thought, what the hell, as long as its not completely screwball comedy, I tend to like most successful sitcoms. Now I have high hopes of having a better understanding of British Politics. Having had the scattering education I had, I have a simple grasp of American and European politics, but not enough to follow a really intensive conversation, with people that actually had a class in high school where they covered the workings.

But little things add up and my rush for the door gets more and more complicated. Espeically since i notice the apricot cake I left out last night, and think, I should take some to work with me. One more thing to slow me down. At least I got to hear more of the morning radio morons than usually driving to work. I use that term to discribe all of morning entertainment folk, not because they lack intelligence, they have to have some brains to get and stay on the air. But the topic of conversation, which is now so light and full of fluff, i start thinking of all the uppers these people could be on. I do still listen to them though, I guess they keep better company than NPR, which is too serious for a Monday.