Open the box and see all the veggies: Tomatoes

They seem to think i have a thing for tomatoes, one thing i would never take to work for fear of early refrigeration, i found myself cooking not just one or two but all 8. And some of them were big.

There's nothing like a tomato in the summer time, in fact i wont even eat a tomato other time of the year, well not willingly anyway. These had the scent, and were all red, though i have learned to love and respect the green and yellow. They held together well, survived the heavy chopping and the lazy, this thing is going to cook for an hour, what does it need chopping for melted away as beautifully as i imaged it would.
So what did i do with the sucker,

I stuck 7 of them in Moroccan meatballs which shockingly turned out really spicy, probably should cut down on that in future. Had to made so many extras to take the heat away. Couscous, (what a shock) But then found myself having to take it further, embarrassingly, like a true California girl i found myself cooking onions down til slightly charred and adding gypsy peppers (cause they came in the box) and garlic, *Can you tell where this is going?) Then serving with sour cream, yes i will admit it, i mexified moroccan food, and may in fact need help, or salvation or something. Oh well, tasted good.

The last lone tomato, (though huge) ended up lazily cut up and toss in a pot with chicken and salsa, garlic, pepper, paprika, and anything else red I could get my hands on.

Tomorrow's post should focus on strawberries