Changing directions once again

So the last time I cooked something it was eggplant gratin, a dish i have made dozens of times, before that there was grain mustard potato salad, before that a cauliflower gratin. before that better than sex cake, and thats everything  I made in the month of May, not only uninspiring, but not much either.

So onwards and upwards we're changing again, have a short but ridiculously fun winding trip planned in July, and hopefully we'll cover some of that, also a large photo project coming up we're really excited about. Photography seems to be the flavor of the month these last few months, that along with growing herbs, all kinds of beautiful seedlings have sprouted, and ate doing so well, aside from cilantro, stubborn little thing, refuses to even give a little root. Oh well, you cant win them all.  Photos coming soon!