Faster than Frozen: The Tortilla Pizza

Tortilla Pizza with pesto and tomato

 After years and years of making pizza on purchased dough, I experimented with tortilla, the results blew me out of the water, I was expecting something maybe a grade up from quesadilla, but this was better and it was fast, really really fast.
Ok, so I do make my own pesto (see Pesto, a Great Friend to Zombies Everywhere), I love the homemade version, something that's jarred has to be heated and that takes away from the great flavor pesto naturally has, so there is always homemade pesto in my fridge (and usually in the fridges of some friends as well.) I'm not sure how much of my love for this is just carried over from my love for that, but how much could it possibly be?

Start with a tortilla, this is actually a funky low carb tortilla that gets extra crispy when heated, so a little closer to very thin crust pizza.

Top with a little pesto.

Top with some shredded cheese, this was shredded swiss and guyere mix, cause that's what I had, but use what you like,

Top with tomato, this actually really important especially with pesto, you want to bring something light and juicy, and tomato is great at pulling that off.

This was one beautiful Kumato Tomato, a type of brown tomato that is truly a summer fruit.

Place in toaster oven on foil and toast for 5 minutes, (or in the oven at 450 for 5 minutes)

You can add anything else you like on pizza as well, but honestly I like a lot of stuff on my pizza, and I don't miss any of it on this one.