Cookie time Perfect Spritz cookies for the holidays with the best cookie press

I love Spritz cookies, they're like the upgraded version of sugar cookies for me. They help make the holidays. But if you've ever made them then you probably know they have issues. Mainly the tool that makes them are a pain. Unless you have an old functioning electric machine, there are one of many problems you'll come across. 

1. An old machine that cripples your hand
2. A new machine that breaks without having finished it's first batch. 
3. Huge amounts of wasted dough. 
4. Some patterns just don't work. 
5. The number of clicks you need to push out dough varies constantly. 

Yeah, and I still bake them. Here's why. 

It's not stopped being about the damn machine and is about the recipe. 

My favorite Spritz Cookie Recipe 

1 cup butter (2 sticks) room temp
3/4 cup sugar 
2 1/2 cup flour 
1 egg
1 tsp almond extract 
1 tsp vanilla 

I like Nielsen-Massey for my almond and vanilla extracts. The price on amazon can be good. But always price compare for this, I've seen everything from $16 to $25 for the same 8 oz bottle of vanilla. 

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. 

Cream butter and sugar. 

Add in egg and extracts. 

Add flour. 

Press into cookie press, add your favorite disc. Adjust press to pack dough. Some discs work better than others. 

If nothing is coming out right, cool dough. If nothing comes out at all leave it out to warm up. 

You may need to click two or three times with some patterns. Anything you don't like, scoop up and place with remaining dough in bowl. 

Press them directly onto on an ungreased cookie sheet. 

Bake for 6 to 8 minutes. It shouldn't have any color underneath. 

Cool on racks, or just a cutting board like I do.

Makes around 40 cookies.