That last bit of Leftover Jam, Raspberry Limeade

Leftover Jam Raspberry limeade

No matter how much we scrape, that last bit of jam is almost impossible to get at. Which is fine most of the time, but some jam is expensive, or really great, or just home-made. That's what this was, a little bit of leftover raspberry jam I didn't want the drain to have.
I also dont make simple syrup, I know it's simple, but i've always just dissolved the sugar in the water, it takes a while, and doesn't always work perfectly, but I just can't be bother to cook sugar and water together. Annoys me, always seems to recrystallize. This recipe pleases the other kind of person as well, this is syrup. Only premade.

Leftover jam
Lime juice

So here's the jam

Here's the lime.

Juice them directly into the jam jar. Put on the lid and shake.

Add water to taste, it will depend on the sweetness and amount of jam of course. Toss in a couple ice cubes, and serve one. (I find trimming the straw prevents it falling out.)