This is not a French Omelettle: the wrong way to make a good Omelettes with Gruyère and chives

For such a simple dish there are so many strong opinions when it comes to omelettes. Mine are in many opinions, very wrong.

Here's how

I barely beat my eggs, I want eggy flavor, not foamy flavor, foam'a place at breakfast is the coffee

I lighten my eggs not with milk or water, but egg whites. It improves the fluffiness with extra protein.

I cook my omelette on both sides. I personally like my whites cooked through, So be it, everyone is getting cooked.

I like a bit of color. If I'm cooking through, I might as well get the flavor of browning.

I serve folded over once. Ok so the three fold is probably more preference than anything else, but I like the even distribution of cheese the single fold seems to do better with.

This is not a French Omelette Ingredients

2 fresh eggs
1 tbsp egg whites (from carton)
1 tbsp fresh chives
salt and pepper
2 tsp butter
1/4 cup shredded gruyere

Fresh eggs are getting easier to come by even in big cities, at higher prices you don't need to buy a dozen at a time, just a few will do, the flavor difference is amazing though.

Crack eggs.

Add egg whites, chives, salt and pepper and mix a little, you don't want any air bubbles. It takes away flavor.

Heat butter in a frying pan.

Once melted, add eggs

Cook slowly on medium low heat.

Move pan around a little getting the uncooked bits to move round and firm up.

I slowly slide onto a plate. and use the plate to flip over the omletle. If your frying pan doesn't have straight sides you may not need to do this.

Cook for 30 seconds.  Flip over again.

Spread cheese on one side and fold over, Take off the heat, the cheese should melt with the warm of the eggs.

Serve warm.