Best Ever Gluten Free Pancake Mix

So we're not really 100% gluten-free, it sort of comes and goes, but from years of this erratic behavior we have held onto a few products that the gluten free alternative is just ever-present. There are two meals in particular where the wheat content is high enough to put us to sleep, one is pasta, I'll get to that one day. The other is pancakes.
Best gluten free pancake mix

We tried a few brands available at regular grocery stores, while ok, they were not comparable to the really thing. Homemade from scratch buttermilk pancakes is what were used to, although we do use this kind of buttermilk, I suppose I lose points for that, but it is good, and once opened is store in the fridge much longer than the wet stuff.

Best gluten free pancake mix

Anyhow pancakes, I finally gave in and decided that I had to risk the bulk order of the interweb. I crossed my fingers, hit checkout and ended with this awesome pancake mix. It doesn't taste gluten free, which may be the highest compliment a GF product can get, or healthy (though they are pancakes, so unless you go for the just eggs and banana route, how healthy can they be?)

One of the best bits is that like all mixes it can take add ins easily. I've done salted banana caramel pancakes, and extra lemon-y poppy seed pancakes, and of course blueberry and chocolate chip.

Having said that package instructions work great as well

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Best gluten free pancake mix