What is it Wednesday? Ok it may be Thursday at this point.

Coming to you live from the island of Cyprus. I have a bit of wifi during the day though not a lot of patience for auto spellcheck.
So far this week I have been bored out of my mind a lot, I do not know what we did before there were computers, I have to travel with someone at all times, I need the company.
I'm burnt, it hurts I'll get over it, but still burnt.
Every time I come here it's more international, they have sushi now. Though almost everything was cooked. :-)
I have eaten everything on the island traditional at this point, all that is missing is a trip to the bakery, maybe I can squeeze that in tomorrow morning before going to the airport.
This is what happens when you get stuck with your grandmother and it is so damn hot and they drive on the other side. Next time I come I'll start in nicosia a couple of days and see more people, saw quite a few but there are more and I was only here during the week and everyone works, oh well Greece next where hopefully we will do something during day this time. Though I pretty much never have, except during last year's insane trip with ex and his mother.
But I'll see the girls, all the girls, in just over 24 hours. woohoo, nothing better than that.
Ok I'm signing off typing on this thing is driving me crazy. I have lots of photos to show you all but that will have to wait til I get back.