What is it Wednesday already?

Ok crazy, crazy week, first off all I am home alone, which means if I cook it. I have to eat, let me tell you that is not easy.

Everyone else is in New York, apartment hunting in the heat and humidity, and I keep getting reports on how much I would not like that city. I kept telling them I don't want to go to New York in the summer.

Meanwhile I fly out on Friday! Friday! Like two days from now, there are still a couple things on the to-do list, like returning shoes, and the back up dress I bought online that looked cute in the picture and was awful, awful in real life, and buying boxes for all the gifts I'm taking with me, which took me a really long time to figure out where I can buy something like that and then wrapping all the gifts I'm taking with me.

For the girls I bought earrings, cause they are small. and I can fit them in the luggage easily. honestly, I was going to try and get something very fashionable, then just settled for LA fashion cause I actually know what that is. still not sure what people want from the US, clothes that's only sold here? As in lesser known brands, that seems a little crazy to me.

Plus it's been so hot in West LA this last week, (yet another reason to avoid the kitchen) which is very rare for beach cities, we don't even have an A/C at home, like hot enough I actually went looking for the huge fan I bought 3 years ago, back when we used to have summers and then never used. It is awesome, like if I ever am putting together a movie set, wind is taken care of.

I have so many blog entries where the photos are just locked in the camera I have to find the wire for, I may have them post while I'm away. Just cause there are so many of them.

I looked up the weather in Cyprus and Greece, July is hotter there, unlike here, so it shouldn't be that bad. I may not need every sleeveless top I own.

Last Wednesday was the Predator Keirin Classic Race, that was awesome, I worked registration, it felt like the old days running the canteen at school, so many people all at once, and all this cash. It's a real high when you get that rush, I miss that, getting all the math right, ok it was easy math, but still, fun. The races were fun to watch as well, keirin racing is a spectator sport, It's fast, but not too fast, and plus there were a whole lot of girls and juniors mixed in, including some that totally kicked ass. I'll link to the race video and report once it's up.