Hard to Believe it was a year ago

We did a big road trip, that one day needs to become a sitcom. We made half a dozen of these little videos, this was my favorite one, mainly due to the ending, this was in Greece, but there's another great one in the mountains in Bulgaria, But watching one is already a lot for anyone to take on, maybe one day I'll add some music to it. So much has changed since then, it's to the point that I don't even own this camera anymore.

All I can think about is the upcoming trip, so much prep work involved. One of which is find an ATM card that is still valid, that's going to bite me again, I just know it. Why do I always forget that?

I am not looking forward to Cyprus though, Larnaca is so far away from everyone, I still haven't figured out how much blogging I can do on the road. There really isn't internet access anywhere, how crazy is that, so the whole thing depends on getting local phone numbers. Which I think I can figure out tin Greece, but in Cyprus no idea. Til then I may have to stick to text posts, and those are so much fun. Oh well there's still a couple weeks til then, I can't wait to post all the great food from over there, the Greeks are pretty obsessive to great tasting food. There is such an amazing array on offer. The Cypriots, their strengths lie in fish and the bakeries, there are a few other things here and there, but there is also some fairly strong weakness.