What it's Wednesday?

Had a break through on one of my short stories, it took a funny turn, the only question now, at what point does a short story become a book?

I'm going back to old school, this week's farm box contained celery, carrots, cauliflower, and potatoes, I kinda want to make clam chowder in July, what's wrong with me? I always want it to be the next season.

Anyone know any food trucks, we have a bike race coming up on August 8th in Encino, and still have trouble actually getting a confirmation.

The thing about growing up in Santa Monica, is despite the fact that it's near the beach, there's the cliff that keeps off the sand, I was in Playa Vista on Friday near the water and there was sand, like on the sidewalk, what is it that makes me think of developing countries when there's sand on sidewalks, (only if you can't actually see the water from where you are.) We when to Caffe Pinguini, they over cooked my fish, like a chain restaurant would, disappointing, there is no good excuse for that.

The problem with having more time to cook, you end up eating your own food for days at a time, I have to learn to make smaller batches.

Still learning to use the camera after all these months, I was trying to make a video, had it on panorama setting instead apparently. I place a lot of food on this window still while trying to get a nice shot with some natural sunlight in it.

Apparently it's DineLA this week again, there should be some great deals out there for meals. Check out there site, I 've had both hits and misses trying these out, http://discoverlosangeles.com/restaurantweekv2/index.html


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