What it's Wednesday Already?

This is apparently post 201! How did I get here, why did I make the ham sandwich post 200? I was so looking forward to this, I was just on 194, did this thing post in secret?
Has anyone else noticed how popular popsicles seem to be this year? It's a little overkill, I mean they're fun, but not my favorite thing in the world. Plus there's such a thing as ice cream you know, it's softer and everything.

Ok crazy, crazy week, I am officially no longer in the solar business, something I've been doing for 5 years and suddenly I'm not, it's strange. But gives me a chance to write more, blog more.

I did send in an application for a job at the City of Santa Monica, and got a call back, I have a feeling I'm one of many many people, but a job in this city, I was an urban studies major, I have been voting in every election since I was 19, I'll tell you about the election when I was 18, it wasn't pretty. See below. The idea of a job in a city, super exciting, until I have to tell them I'm going to a wedding and can start in September, let's see how that goes.

The only eating out I've done in this last week was at Panda Express, aside from that, home cooking for me. So no fun adventures at any restaurants.

My farm box is back! They take a couple weeks off for the summer, and my fridge is suddenly full of Traders Joes fruit and veg, but they are officially back, and almost the entire box was fruit, I'm thinking of plum cake and maybe a blackberry fool, or on second thought maybe a blackberry something else.

Also really want to make Greek salad (got a huge red pepper in the box, really ugly thing.)  but I just made one, and blogged about, so, I'm going to have to find a way of mixing it up a little.

So when I was about to turn 18, I was born in late October, I was told I needed to register two weeks before the election, but I was still 17 two weeks before the election, so couldn't register, how crazy is that? I've been told since then that they shouldn't have denied me, but I can't do anything about it now, and I was still living in Europe, mainly I just wanted to vote for president, which wouldn't have really changed the outcome that much, plus I wouldn't have voted for anyone that won, and it's voting for winners that's most fun, (well voting no on prop 8 was actually my proudest moment, kind of took away from the voting for president part.)