What is it Wednesday Already?

I was planning on having more time with the lack of any full time work, instead, find myself busier than ever, trying to do all those little projects I kept setting aside for when I have time in the spring or summer or whenever. Now they're all on, and already some are getting pushed to the sidelines, some big, like starting that novel, (although a couple short stories are coming along.) some small, like selling old books on the shelves to make room, I have far too many books, I always end up with stacks of them that wont fit in the shelves. A few years ago I did a big purge, actually found some books I had stashed in the unused portions of the bathroom cabinets.

I have the exam of the City of Santa Monica job coming up tomorrow, exciting, wish me all luck.

I made another pudding this week, failed again, they are really my undoing, all the foods in the world and there's something about custard that just defeats me, I don't think I'll ever know why, but I would officially like to blame my coil element stove top, and my pots, possibly the milk available in California, but nah, can't go after the cows, especially because I'm careful to use the local stuff.

I have a little mini high school reunion coming up on Friday, well not with anyone that was actually in my class, cause that would just be weird, and well a little because only one person from my year lives on this side of the hemisphere, and he's a bit of a hermit these last few years. Looking forward though, the great thing about small schools, you know the other years far better.

I'm going to try and bake one more thing to send to work with my sister before she stops working there, still haven't decided what, I wanted to make a plum cake, but never had enough plums to do so at one time, plus, I find most of my recipes are a little on the dry side, I need to find something new that works better.