Summer Fun: Low Fat Strawberry Milk Shake

Low fat strawberry milkshake

We used to always have milkshakes in the summer, especially on vacation, we used to the hotels next door to my aunt's beach condo, and get milkshakes from swim up to bar, I was always the strawberry milk shake kid. (I was also the kid that got strawberry and banana swirl from the soft serve place.) But actually drinking ice cream, though appealing, is not the healthiest average day activity, and frankly as long as the final product is thick, I'm pretty happy. Frozen strawberries pull off the texture, milk smooths it out and vanilla helps bring illusion of ice cream around.

This is simple and quick, take frozen strawberries, around 5 per person.
 Add a tbsp of sugar, half a cup of milk, and a tiny tiny splash of vanilla. The vanilla gives the impression of ice cream, with actually adding ice cream, vanilla is powerful stuff.
And let the blender do it's thing, if it gets stuck, great, you're going to have thick results. Try rocking the blender until it loosens up, it should hopefully start moving around. As time moves on, you'll become more brave and fairly aggressive shaking blenders in pursuit of a thick product.
Perfect and pour.

Low fat Strawberry milkshake
5 frozen strawberries
1/2 cup milk
1 tbsp sugar
tiny splash vanilla