Please never buy microwave popcorn again

red popcorn
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Today is the last game of the EuroCup, Spain vs. Italy, felt like a day for a snacks, and the ultimate snack, popcorn. 

I'm not opposed to making microwave popcorn, just the little packages, that always burn a portion of the popcorn while adding this weird artificial flavor, it's just not good popcorn, one of the reasons is not is the kernels they tend to use. A few years ago, we did a popcorn taste test and we found this variety.   Red river valley corn, yes, it's not yellow corn, or white, and it does get rather dark, but it tastes so much better, almost nutty, and has great crunch, although some of that is just using the kernels while still fresh.
red popcorn

So how do I make popcorn? I completely cheat, and use an air popper, although if I didn't own one, I have wanted to try Alton Brown's brown paper bag version, One day. 
red kernel popcorn

This I topped with just a little melted butter, I've tried the parm and olive oil route a couple times, and honestly I didn't like, it didn't really stick to the corn, and the olive oil made it a little soggy. So I've given up on trying to make something a little different, and just make the straight forward version now. 
red popcorn