Oven BLAT: Bacon, Lettuce, avocado, and tomato in the toaster oven

BLAT Bacon, Lettuce, avocado, tomato

Avocado was the best thing that ever happened to the BLT, ok, so it did kind of kill the name, BLAT, but aside from that, it's essential.
Aside from avocado, of course the best possible ingredients, is how you cook the bacon. If you like baco extra crispy, then the microwave is the way to go. If you like cleaning the stove top, go ahead cook bacon on the stove, see how it goes. personally I've always like my bacon a little on the crispy side, but not microwave crispy.

So the toaster oven is my cooking method of choice. Simply lay the bacon out on foil, top with a little fresh pepper. By laying the bacon ont flat it clings a little to the foil, and come out pretty flat.

Cook on 425 for 8 minutes for a little on the crispy side, I always think i'm going to cook the bacon a little longer, and then 8 minutes comes out perfect. The range is between 6 and 11 minutes depending on what kind of bacon you like.

I use scissors to cut the bacon to size and fit perfectly on a slice of bread.

Place a little mayo on the other side of the bread

Tiop with avocado and tomato.

Then lettuce and top with a second slice of bread.