Oh So Retro Dessert; Vanilla Pudding with Cherry Jello

Vanilla Pudding with Cherry Jello
Normally this is a mother's day dessert, my mother is a big jello enthusiast, and pudding and jello together is really her type of thing.
I don't really remember what we did for mother's day this year, but I know we didn't make this, so I thought I'd make up for it now. The only thing is, I am terrible at making pudding, I really really am, the texture is always not smooth enough, and usually too thin, and falls apart, and doesn't even taste right most of the time, it's not good. I don't like the pudding in a box, I find that salty and just a little off, so I either buy pudding, or if the recipe is too simple, and have not really homemade guilt, I just make some bad stuff.
I have had success with creme brulee a couple of times, but ice cream, the ice cream was so bad I gave the maker away. All I could do with it was the occasional sorbet, and frankly, you can buy far better ice creams than I could ever make.
So what did I try to do? I tried switching out the pudding recipe again.  I took lots of photos, and mixed the entire time and everything, and at the end, ending up with a lousy product. Far too thick, too sweet and strange texture. It's so not worth blogging about, so I say to you, go out into the web world, or your own recipe books and find a pudding recipe that works for you, cause you're not going to like the one I posted. 
But meanwhile, pudding and jello is great combo. So give that a try, just don't follow my advice on the recipe. 
Make pudding, pour into glasses. 

Top with cherry jello. Follow the recipe on the box.

Refrigerate, and done.  
Not much of a recipe, sorry about that. Makes 6 servings, I wish you more luck on your ventures into this retro dessert. 


  1. YUM! I love strawberry pudding. And while I was making this dessert last night I totally licked the spoon a few times.


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