Instant Iced Coffee on a Sunday Morning on the Patio

Instant Iced Coffee
I don't own a coffee machine, don't drink enough of the stuff to, plus precious counter space. So instead I use instant, there are two main rules about using instant as your main coffee source. One find a great brand, the average supermarket stuff isn't usually that great, especially when the second rule comes into play, individual packages, you can't beat the freshness of a freshly teared pouch. 
Some mornings the iced stuff on the porch is the best part of the day.
Place a pouch in a large glass, add sugar to taste a little boiling water, around 2 tbsps. Start stirring, you want to get past the point of dissolved sugar and all the way to a slightly foamy look, you can keep going and get even more foam.
Instead of adding water, add ice, and keep stirring, keep adding cube after cube, until the new cubes remain almost completely intact, and are sitting on a pool of their recently melted friends. Add enough water (or milk if you prefer) to fill the glass, and done, perfectly cool, very fresh iced coffee.

1 pouch instant coffee
sugar to taste
lots of ice cubes
water or milk

My favorite brand of individually packed instant coffee is Douwe Egberts, which my mom brought back from Fuji early this year amd got us all hooked.  
Douwe Egberts Instant Coffee Pouches